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2022 Scholarship WinnersAbout JCH Foundation
2022 Scholarship WinnersAbout JCH Foundation


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Welcome to The James
Curtis Harkness Foundation

Welcome to The James Curtis Harkness Foundation

The James "Curtis" Harkness Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization that was founded in 2014 by Elton Harkness in memory of Curtis Harkness and the ideals for which he stood. Curtis was a great humanitarian who devoted much of his life to public service, serving on several boards devoted to improving the lives of individuals from diverse populations.

In honor of Curtis' enduring commitment to expanding opportunities for students to attend college and his love of sports and other student activities as vehicles to promote personal development, the mission of the foundation is to improve the educational outcomes of youth and young adults from traditionally underserved populations through providing college scholarships, educational supplies and funding participation in programs that serve as a catalyst to enrich the educational experience, enhance economic competitiveness or promote personal development.

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Common Ways Students Can Prepare For Scholarships

Submitted on: December 29, 2020Many students (and parents) assume that they don’t need to worry about scholarships until they are getting ready for the senior year. But failing to take action now means winning a scholarship... Read More

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